Disposable Laparoscopy Access Trocar

The Safe & Superior Access Technology for Laparoscopy

Bladeless Separator Tip Trocar – Radially Dilating tip with Bladeless Tissue Separators for Safe Access with Minimal Tissue Damage.

Low insertion Tissue Drag – Bevelled Tip Cannula with Angulated Fascial Thread for Extremely Low Tissue Drag and Smooth Insertion.

Superior Abdominal Wall Retention – The Cannula’s Integrated Thread Design Provides Greater Stability and Minimal Trocar Slip Outs

Atraumatic Cannula Removal – Screw Design Angulated Facial Thread Provide Ease of Removal By Unscrewing The Cannula.

Low System Drag Force – The Smart Housing And Beaded Seal Are
Designed to Eliminate Instrument Hang-Ups And Provide Low Peak
Instrument Insertion/Extraction Force.

Inbuilt Flexi Seal And Patented Snap On Reducer Seal For Comfort and Durability – Maintains Abdominal Insufflation While Accommodating A Wide Range in Instrument Size (4.7 mm to 12.9mm)

Available in 5mm, 10-11mm and 12mm Sizes and Accommodates All Instruments Such As Harmonic ACETM , LigasureTM, EchlonTM and EndoGIATM Staplers and DaVinci TM Robotic Instruments Also Available with Optical Access Technology for Superior Visualization In Minimally Invasive Procedures

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